Lush Review: Bath Melt & Bomb

19 Mar

Lush review time, hollaaaa. Who’s excited?!?!
…Just me? Cool.

lush bath melt mango

You’ve Been Mangoed” is something I will hold and smell every time I walk into a Lush store. Mango Bath Melts are my crack. I’d recommend breaking it in quarters or half, and you just let it melt in a hot bath. I like to hold the left over pieces in the bath like you would a bar of soap, rub it all over, and let the heat of your skin melt it. The scent is crazy good. If you suffer from dry and not so sensitive skin, this is definitely a product to consider. If you don’t have problem skin and just need some pampering, get it too!

lush bath bomb

And second up, this bath bomb!
The days of autumn and winter are almost done. Spring is poking its head up slowly. If you’re a fan of winter smells (like me), the colour purple (the movie too, like me), I’d suggest getting this bath bomb. It’s called Pheonix Rising* and it’s basically an apple pie in your bathtub. It’s got the smell of apples and cinnamon, and has Organic Jojoba Oil (what the eff is jojoba and why is it not in my life more) and various other oils to help out your skin in dry or cold months. Bath bombs are kind of bizarre because they start out beautiful in your hand, then when they reach the bath they sort of looking like a volcano that isn’t yet done spewing molten lava out of the crevices it’s made itself. But! It eventually all melts and turns your bathwater pink. How cool. Definitely recommend, It gives you a really nice moisturizing experience and doesn’t leave you glittery.

*side note: How awesome is that name?

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