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Need Now

17 Apr

cat bag

I really, really need this in my life.

‘Look What the Cat Bag-ged In’ Tote: Adorable. Wishlisted, from Modcloth.

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Lush Review: Make-Up & Lip Tint

23 Mar

Make-up is huge.
Finding proper make-up is hard to do. You need to do so much trial and error. You need to consider your skin tones that change from season to season, what will help your skin not break out, how expensive is it, etc. I’d say I’m pretty happy with Lush’s make-up. At first I thought it didn’t bring enough coverage (I bought it at the same time as my skin-care products) and was kind of disappointed. But as I used my new cleanser and toner, my skin got better and the make-up did a much better job.

I have very fair (Snow White!) skin in the winter, and got myself their fairest shade. The foundation ‘Jakie Oates‘ does not leave my face cake-like at all, it sinks into and blends into the skin after a few minutes and voila! perfect skin. This is good news for someone like me who has pleeenty of acne scars. It doesn’t clog the pores and doesn’t have that oily glaze that sits on top of your make-up when you get really hot… *cough* I’m looking at you Body Shop. The powder ‘Emotional Brilliance‘ only works well with the foundation however – I find it can’t be used by itself if you’re in a rush. They pair really nicely together.

The only small things that I’d change are that it could come in bigger jars, the powder had some mesh netting to help with portion control and the foundation’s top layer to not spoil if you leave it without the cap overnight! But that’s my fault. Just be careful and your make-up will be fine! You can easily scrape it off come morning. I hope to have the courage to get the wheatgrass mascara (woah) and solid perfumes. Blows my mind because I’m just like, how can perfume be solid??? My sheltered life has only known liquid perfume.Lush Make-up

Two peas in a pod.

lush lip tint

The lip tint ‘A Million Kisses‘ I found to be very rich and creamy and the colour to be exactly as is on the tin. Its only flaw is I wish I didn’t have to apply it so often! Ah well. Great colour and doesn’t dry out the lips!

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Peplum addiction

15 Mar


So I love peplums. They are effortlessly sexy. Simultaneously day wear and the perfect thing to wear if you’re going out later to dinner. I was a little hesitant at first because it’s so… different. This pattern is le amazing too.

Blazer: Old Navy | Dress ($15!), Tights ($2!), Clutch ($2!): H&M | Nails: OPI

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Girl Gang

5 Mar

kate nash girl gang

Kate Nash – Girl Gang (Cover of ‘Cocaine’ by Fidlar)

You need to watch this now! Gogogo! You’ll love it, promise. Especially if you’ve had a girl-punk-rock phase like myself during those high school years. (I don’t think the phase has ended, do you?) I love Kate, loved her since Foundations, love her recent pop songs, but this is WAY cool of her.


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British Pride

16 Jan

britain fashion


britain fashion

England is one of my favourite places. I spent a month living there and it was one of the best times of my life. England is also a part of my heritage. This shirt was definitely an impulse buy, but I have nothing like it! I’m so in love with it. It’s way better than an I Heart NYC t-shirt, I have to say.

Shirt & Earrings: Forever 21 | Jeans & Blazer: Old Navy | Heels: Ros Hommerson | Purse: Aldo | Ring: H&M

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