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Need Now

17 Apr

cat bag

I really, really need this in my life.

‘Look What the Cat Bag-ged In’ Tote: Adorable. Wishlisted, from Modcloth.

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Fandom Art

15 Apr

alice x zhang Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 10.25.19 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 10.25.52 PM

Alice is on my favourite persons list. Look at all this amazing fan art. If you like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Disney, Supernatural and many other nerdy things, then you’ll love her. If you like to soak in talent, take a look as well.

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Truth time: am I a bitch?

29 Nov

Bitch face

Essentially, this speaks to my very being.

Everyone’s always like “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”, with genuine concern, and I’m like THIS IS JUST MY FACE. I could literally be thinking about unicorns and rainbows and it would look similar to the face I have when I eat brussel sprouts. Tidbit: brussel sprouts are not my favourite. Smiling 24/7 is hard, am I right?

Definitely love this piece by Kris Atomic.

unnecessary hate

7 Nov


There have been a lot of racist, hateful tweets happening on Twitter about Obama’s re-election. To make myself feel better after reading only a small handful of them I read his very popular tweet from yesterday: “We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned, and that’s who we are. Thank you. – BO.” Whether or not people like it, there have been enormous strides that the US has taken and there’s more to look forward to in the next four years. I don’t think Obama’s too worried about the opinion of sheep but racism should be ousted by now, don’t you think?


before the bad weather

29 Oct

I feel like a variation of Disney – hipster Ariel. I guess it’s because of the green pants and red hair combination, but I’m still thinking and going back and forth with my halloween costume decisions. I paired my neutral cardi and button blouse with some soft pink accessories: a $3 dollar clutch, whaaaat? such a steal. My favourite part of this outfit is the gold lace detailing of the collar. It was a little cool out without my scarf but next time I feel like putting my hair up in a high bun would really finish it off.

Halloween is fast approaching, so excited! I’ll be sure to take some photos of my costume. Stay safe and dry from Hurricane Sandy everyone!

Shirt, Clutch, Cardigan, Necklace – H&M / Pants – Old Navy / Shoes – The Shoe Company (Greenwich Village)