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16 Apr

Sye Williams has some heavy subjects in his photography.

sye williams

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 8.17.16 PM

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 8.19.24 PM

My favourite series are ‘Death Inc’ and ‘Women in Prison’. Find them all here.

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Rorschachs made with House Paint

26 Mar


William Castellana‘s work leaves me having to question sanity. The first one looks like a villain out of Doctor Who and the second looks like a really ecstatic Yak. What do you guys think?

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Pantone: Food Edition

25 Mar

Sometimes I wish I think of these ideas before others do them.

But then I remember, Hey, I’ll just be inspired to do something just as awesome after viewing them.

Or proceed to make lunch. Either way, these are inspiring for sure. Done by David Shwen.

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Mind Blown

21 Mar

Bobby Doherty is the kind of photographer that makes you go, ‘how the fuck did he do that?’, especially so if you see more of his work here.

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Lush Review: Skin Care Regime

14 Mar

lush skin care

Alriiiight the ultimate skin care regime. At least for me, ha.
So I love Lush and I really didn’t have a skin care team about a month ago so I thought ‘well maybe my skin deserves to not look like shit all the time, go for it, buy it’. No regrets.

Cleanser: Herbalism. Great for oily, ance, blemished skin, i.e. my skin. Smells pretty great too. You take just a little bit, add water and it turns into a paste that you cover your face with and rinse right after. Simple pimple. Over the course of this month it got rid of my clogged pores, and got rid of my acne pretty fast whenever it did pop up. I don’t think I can say anything bad about this cleanser. Will be using it again!

Toner: Tea Tree Water. This is my favourite out of the three products that I use. If I’m feeling lazy or have zero time in the morning, I just spray this on and go. It gets rid of oil instantly and help my face feel clean. Has the fresh scent of tea tree oils and grapefruit. Love love love it.

Moisturizer: Vanishing Cream. This product didn’t especially wow me but it does its job to moisturize and it smells like lavender. It’s got the consistency of warm margarine (not in a gross way) and it’ll be good for my dry face in the winter months. It’s a touch expensive so I’m not sure I’d get it again but it’ll last me forever even with the small size, so I guess it’s cost effective in that respect. I would get a sample if you’re ever unsure of this, or any product at Lush. Moisturizers can clog pours of some skin-types despite it being designed for the face.

Thanks loves, have a fantastic day!

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