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Lush Review: R&B

21 Apr

lush r&b

Alrighty, R&B. I took you on when my hair was feeling less than hot.

You make my hair smell great, and a little less fried. 3/5!

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Lush Review: Hair Care & Shower Gel

15 Jan

lush hair care

For the past 3 months I’ve tried different hair products to de-frizz, de-tangle and help me strengthen my hair more. Everything feels great and moisturizing in the shower, but when I go to brush or style my hair I’m literally brushing it for 15 minutes. No lie. I have very thick, long hair and I need moisture to be able to get the knots out. No great results even with salon brands.

So I gave Blousey and American Cream a try and oh. my. god. I brushed my hair within 2 minutes. Brushing your hair seems like a trivial thing to care about, but when it feels like your ripping each strand of hair from your skull to no avail – it matters when you find a solution. I don’t know if I can actually express how wonderful these two products are.

Blousey is my shampoo (vegan), and it’s great for dry and coloured hair and even though it feels like a paste in your hand, it quickly becomes a nice lather once wet in your hair. It has a lot of natural oils and bananas in the ingredients which makes it very moisturizing just by itself. It has a combination of a flower and earthy smell to it. American Cream is my conditioner (vegetarian), and it definitely serves its purpose to moisturize. It smells like organic strawberries and vanilla. All you need to do is cover your hair from the ears down and at the back of your head with it, and you will get all the moisture you need. Definitely have been telling my friends about these two.

lush grass body gel


photos by me, for j’adorecolour

The Grass shower gel is amazing. It is summer in a bottle. It’s winter time in Canada and I’ve recently been ordering a lot of tropical drinks, beach coloured clothing and already planning my summer camping trips to keep the cold out of my mind. Anything to bring me back to a warmer time. This shower gel is vegan and full of wheatgrass which does wonders for your skin. I definitely feel clean and healthy after using it.

I would highly recommend all of these products if you are having hair-care problems or just feel like switching to something more natural. Lush is a hand-made, vegan/vegetarian, preservative free cosmetics line. Have a fantastic day everyone!

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