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Instagram Update

8 Mar

instagram weekly

1) View from the tunnel to Topshop in Toronto!
2) Playing Cards against Humanity – such a good game.
3) Went snowmobiling for the first time, it was amazing. Actually fell off of it at one point, but was still the best time.
4) Holy epic breakfast, Batman! waffle, bacon, sausage, eggs and grated hashbrowns with sour cream, chives and cheese in the middle. To die for.
5) A Valentine’s gift made it to the bar and had a pint with us.
6) Pretty shots! Blue & red.
7) Random gnome on the fan. Frightening.

A lot of these had to do or resulted from drunken times. Ah well. Had fun! Hope you guys had some fun times during February!


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My Week Through Instagram

17 Jan

instagram week

Here is my week via Instagram! It consisted of a lot of sushi, scrambling to get things together for Ghana and having lots of mini victories through work and personal goals.

1: Chirashi with a friend, looked way too pretty to eat.

2: My favourite sweater from H&M! Tigger was something my Dad use to call me as a kid. Love it.

3: Longing for a beer instead of going to Zumba.

4: Shoe shopping! Helloooo sales.

5: Matching sushi shirts from Threadless! Jealous.

6: Giant goldfish – so gorgeous. I wanted to take the white one home with me.

7: Jamie Lidell tickets! So excited for this concert in April! He is a soul singer and his songs are addicting, check him out!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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My life through Instagram

10 Jan


1: Gems I found at Forever 21. Awesome!

2 & 3: Getting drinks with a great friend.

4: A small Xmen exhibit at Tiff Toronto, I also went to the Bond exhibit! (So amazing.)

5: Great packaging design I spotted at Chapters.

6: Lights at Nathan Phillips Square!

7: Contemplating buying $17 Butters. (I stuck with photographing them instead.)

Catching up with great people, working, and having a better week than last. Cheers!


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movie day

14 Nov

Have a happy wednesday everyone!

via My Instagram! If anyone else has instagram, let me know or follow me so I can check out your photos!


14 Sep

Hey everyone! I’ve recently dove into social media outlets and find they are a great way to discuss and send out tidbits of information that you wouldn’t normally find here on my blog. Plus it’s fun to look at what everyone’s up to, photo’s and new things to learn. I just got twitter a few days ago and am already in love with it.

Follow friday means that if you follow me, I will follow you back! My: Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram.

Later today I’ll also be posting some freebies I hope you guys will like. Until then, happy friday!