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16 Apr

Sye Williams has some heavy subjects in his photography.

sye williams

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 8.17.16 PM

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 8.19.24 PM

My favourite series are ‘Death Inc’ and ‘Women in Prison’. Find them all here.

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Steps to be Happy

27 Mar

how to be happy

When I’ve had a crap day after work, or things didn’t go my way this week, I’ll usually do a myriad of things to remedy my sadness. It’ll sound superficial but I’ll take you through what helps get me through my funk.

1) Put on The Royal Tenenbaums. Or Darjeeling Limited, but I’m more partial to RT. Misery loves company and this movie doesn’t judge me for being sad.
2) Running a bath, using adding any bath bomb from Lush that I fancy.
3) Favourite drink! Wine, water, whatever I feel like.
4) Favourite food, nom nom nom. Usually sushi or pizza for me.

And if I do that for a period of a few hours, then I’ll make it through my shit day/week. How do you guys cope with whatever life throws you?

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Instagram Update

8 Mar

instagram weekly

1) View from the tunnel to Topshop in Toronto!
2) Playing Cards against Humanity – such a good game.
3) Went snowmobiling for the first time, it was amazing. Actually fell off of it at one point, but was still the best time.
4) Holy epic breakfast, Batman! waffle, bacon, sausage, eggs and grated hashbrowns with sour cream, chives and cheese in the middle. To die for.
5) A Valentine’s gift made it to the bar and had a pint with us.
6) Pretty shots! Blue & red.
7) Random gnome on the fan. Frightening.

A lot of these had to do or resulted from drunken times. Ah well. Had fun! Hope you guys had some fun times during February!


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J’Adore: Yellena James

22 Jan

I’ve had a crush on Yellena for some time.

You can see why. I’ve been in love with her work for years now. Every piece reminds me of coral reefs in the ocean or an explosion of colour from forests and plant life. Awesome detail!

Rest of her work: Here.

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Want vs. Need

18 Jan

Want vs. Need

Want want want.I need to want less and get back to basics. Constantly spending too much money on just things seems trivial.

Want vs. Need

Willpower is key for success and happiness. The sets of Want Vs. Need by Erin Hanson is thoughtful and pretty funny!

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