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Need Now

17 Apr

cat bag

I really, really need this in my life.

‘Look What the Cat Bag-ged In’ Tote: Adorable. Wishlisted, from Modcloth.

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Mind Blown

21 Mar

Bobby Doherty is the kind of photographer that makes you go, ‘how the fuck did he do that?’, especially so if you see more of his work here.

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New Relationships, Take Note

16 Mar

Melancholy. Speaks the truth. If you keep going in a relationship, in regards to the things that bother you, you either get used to it or you find a way to admire the flaws in your partner. It’s really up to you.

J’Adore: Nan Lawson.

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Going on an adventure! (See you in 10 days!)

10 Mar

ghana flag

Hey guys, just to let you know I’ll be going to Ghana (Africa) for 10 days! March 11 – 21st.

I’ll be updating with queued posts in the meantime. Nervous for my flight but excited about my trip. I’ll be going with Me To We to help slowly build a school, and do regular tourist things (like see wildlife, get to know the history and be with locals). It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here, gah!! See you in a couple weeks!

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International Women’s Day

8 Mar

“The success and progress of free societies depends on the participation of all citizens, men and women. A century of progress has shown us that when you educate and empower women, you improve nearly every other aspect of society. As the great Egyptian poet Hafez Ibrahim said, ‘When you educate a woman, you create a nation.’ ”

Well said. Change needs to keep going.

Hoping everyone has a Happy International Women’s Day with lots of feminist reads and remembrance of past and present women in our lives. Today I also wish a very happy birthday to my Mom! XXOO

Quote & Photo: [x]

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