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Lush Review: Ocean Salt

30 Mar

ocean salt IMG_2231_2

Smells like limes and the ocean. It cleans my face and exfoliates all the dead skin off from my forehead, neck and chin. Much needed on a weekly basis for pampering.

Ocean Salt = My favourite Lush product!


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J’Adore: Yellena James

22 Jan

I’ve had a crush on Yellena for some time.

You can see why. I’ve been in love with her work for years now. Every piece reminds me of coral reefs in the ocean or an explosion of colour from forests and plant life. Awesome detail!

Rest of her work: Here.

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Underwater Photography with Sharks

10 Jan

whale shark, fashion, photography

whale shark, fashion, photography

whale shark, fashion, photoshoot

Swimming with Whale Sharks? Dream job. Something I’d like to try. There’s a combination of strength, ease and poetry within these photographs. One of a kind.

Photographs by Shawn Heinrichs & Kristian Schmidt. More of the shoot here.

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16 Nov

Goyte’s song “Bronte” gives me instant relaxation. Everytime I listen to it I imagine swimming with whales and it’s basically the best time of my life because you know, its whales. The most majestic creatures on the planet. Swimming with me.

…A girl can dream.

Beautiful Illustration by Ture Ekroos.


12 Nov