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Pantone: Food Edition

25 Mar

Sometimes I wish I think of these ideas before others do them.

But then I remember, Hey, I’ll just be inspired to do something just as awesome after viewing them.

Or proceed to make lunch. Either way, these are inspiring for sure. Done by David Shwen.

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Truth time: am I a bitch?

29 Nov

Bitch face

Essentially, this speaks to my very being.

Everyone’s always like “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”, with genuine concern, and I’m like THIS IS JUST MY FACE. I could literally be thinking about unicorns and rainbows and it would look similar to the face I have when I eat brussel sprouts. Tidbit: brussel sprouts are not my favourite. Smiling 24/7 is hard, am I right?

Definitely love this piece by Kris Atomic.

life motto

9 Nov

It’s that easy! More of Morgan Jones’ 383 Studio posters here: [x] They have some solid advice.

girl’s got style.

14 Sep

Woah. There’s a whole lot of goodness over at Julia Kostreva’s shop. She has the eye for fine detail and the talent for simplicity. Plus she’s got some rad pillow designs. Who doesn’t love pillows.

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